Making Strides

Since arriving to Italy, it has been pretty easy to incorporate parts of the Mediterranean diet into my lifestyle. The two biggest changes I have made were adding more vegetables, and a wider variety of them, into my diet, as well as regular exercise.

At home, I tend to eat more fruits than vegetables, but in Italy I wanted to expand my horizons and try new foods. When I get home, I think it will be easier for me to incorporate different veggies into my diet because I was introduced to so many new ones I didn’t realize I liked. Green beans, I’m talking to you.


In terms of exercise, I work out regularly at home, but the exercise in Italy is a bit different. I usually spend an hour or so at the gym and call it a day. Here, people walk everywhere. There are less cars and everything is closer together, so it’s inevitable to walk to wherever you need to go. You don’t really realize how much exercise you’re getting because it’s necessary to get from place to place and just becomes a normal part of life. I think this will be harder to incorporate into my life at home because most things are not accessible without a car.

I’ve really enjoyed bringing the Mediterranean diet into my life, and hope to continue following it as much as possible once I return to the United States.


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