(Plum)believably Cool.

Climbing uphill through the rocky woods in my flip-flops, sweating, I didn’t really know what to expect from the day. We finally reached a grassy clearing, and an Italian man started passing around a bottle of hand soap. We were confused, but went with it. After washing our hands, we followed him into a small barn with walls made of hay, and he showed us how to milk a goat. Totally not what I was expecting.


A day of learning how to milk a goat, making cheese with that same milk, creating a wood fire oven pizza from scratch (completely on my own!), trying my first ever plum off the branches of a tree at an Italian agritourismo, hearing amazing stories and learning about farming, and filling my stomach with the freshest food possible is not a bad way to spend a day.


An agritourismo, in simple terms, is typically a self-sustaining farm that utilizes crops, animals, and animal byproducts to make all its own food. A lot of times, they are places that people can go to dine or stay overnight, such as a vacation spot or restaurant. Localita il Piano was created by a hardworking couple who live and love to farm and cook.


Getting to experience a taste of life there isn’t really describable with words. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had and is just one of those things you have to experience to fully understand.


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