Three Star Dreaming

Being surround by spotless stainless steel, pots, pans, spoons and spatulas hanging from the ceiling, warm ovens and burning stovetops, and the wafting smell of sweet desserts floating through the air is pretty much the dream.


Deep within the mountains of the Abruzzo region, in an open valley covered in red flowers and grape vines is Niko Romito Formazione culinary school taught by three Michelin star chef Niko Romito. A cooking school located there is unexpected, but it makes perfect sense. There, the students can learn to use fresh ingredients, to create food that brings your taste buds to life, then melts in your mouth. Food so good that you close your eyes and chew just an extra second longer. Niko is definitely doing his job because the food we were served was nothing short of perfect (in my expert opinion). The spots as a student at this culinary institute are coveted, and only those with the most potential are given the opportunity to attend. Having the chance to learn how to make perfectly balanced tomato sauce or melt in your mouth French macarons is something a food lover couldn’t really give up for the world.


The young cooks who have a chance to learn and grow under the guidance of a proper professional are truly lucky. I envy them, but am also thankful to have tasted what they’ve been working so hard to perfect. And their work is definitely paying off. I can now say that I’ve tried the food made by the people who are the students of a three Michelin star chef (so I’ve pretty much tried his food right??). Not everyone can say that.


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