Corso Cooking Community

In Corso di Sotto, we serve up dinner family style. We decided that while we’re in Italy, we might as well eat like Italians. Part of the culture here is that every meal is about gathering around food with friends and family, so that is how we wanted to dine as well. The six of us split into pairs, and we have a rotation for each pair to cook a meal on a different evening. Together with our partners, we plan a meal, take a trip to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients, and prepare the meal for everyone.

Photo by Nicole Lee

We’ve had a variety of dinners from cheesy chicken risotto to eggplant parmesan to mac and cheese to our Italian take on fajitas. We find that this system works really well because not everyone has to cook every night, and we are saving money by sharing meals. It also brings us together as a group because we have communal meals, which gives us a chance to relax and talk to one another at the end of the day. I think we have been able to embrace the culture that surrounds us by cooking and eating together as a makeshift family.


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