(Spoon)feed me all the food.


Food is a huge part of my life. Honestly, I probably can’t even go an hour without thinking about food. My typical diet is really nothing special; I eat a bowl of Chocolatey Delight Special K pretty religiously every morning, usually a sandwich, salad, or eggs and toast for lunch, and some sort of pasta dish for dinner. I snack on fruit, but cookies and ice cream are my kryptonite (I eat one or the other, sometimes both, daily).


Despite my rather simpleton diet, I would definitely consider myself a foodie. I’m always scouring the Internet for new restaurants to try, the next best cup of coffee, and different recipes to make. I’m also part of an organization at UNH called Spoon University. We are pretty much a group of people who come together through our love of food. We talk about it and eat together, but it’s also more than that. Spoon University is a national food archive, and I write articles and take photographs based solely around food and health. It’s by college students for college students, and we host events around campus to get people involved in what we do.

Baking is my happy place. Whenever I’m stressed, excited, bored, upset, or anything in between, baking always makes me feel good. There is just something about the precise measurements and making something from nothing that I love. And you really can’t go wrong with eating a delicious dessert no matter what kind of mood you’re in.

I think my love of food will help me be adventurous with trying new cuisines in Italy. Experiencing new food is one of the things I love the most, and it doesn’t get much better than being able to do that in a different country. I love learning about food (hence being a nutrition major), and being in a place with a diet completely different than my own is exciting for me.


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